November 16, 2017
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2016 Conference Sessions

  Session Color Key: BLUE sessions = open to all ORANGE sessions = CIO Gala participants only PURPLE sessions = Women in Tech Summit participants only RED sessions = ISSA Security Summit Luncheon participants only

8:00 AM

Opening Keynote: Bridging the Mobility Gap.... How Innovation and Tech can help make better community
Room: 18CD
Speaker: Joseph Kopser

9:10 AM

All Boats Rise – Authentic Leadership and Inspired Connection
Room: 16AB
Speaker: Mellie Price

9:30 AM

Cybersecurity in 2017 – Ransomware, Phishing and More
Room: 12B
Speaker: Scott Montgomery

Video Marketing in the Age of AR/VR & Drones
Room: 13
Speaker: Kent Lewis

Driving Business Innovation Through Technology Leadership
Room: 11AB
Speaker: Andi Mann

Defining Your Cloud Strategy While Mitigating Cloud Security Risk
Room: 12A
Speaker: Louis Hood

Maybe You Have Data, So What? – A Dr Pepper-Snapple Group Success Story
Room: 14
Speaker: Lynn Martinez

Finding Your One Thing (During Times of Radical Transformation)
Room: 19A
Speaker: Robert “Bob” Blount

Come Experience a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)
Room: Microsoft Technology Symposium (inside Exhibit Hall)

Demo Theater

10:15 AM

Leveraging Your Power of Influence
Room: 16AB
Speaker: Pam Stenson

10:30 AM

The Emerging HL7 FHIR Interoperability Standard
Room: 19A
Speaker: Richard Bagdonas

10:45 AM

IT Risk Assessment, How to Adapt to IoT and Cloud
Room: 12B
Speaker: Brian Wrozek

11:00 AM

Business leaders are engaging labor differently – Is your IT ready?
Room: 13
Speaker: Doug Reeder

Building an agile Drone Strategy for the Enterprise
Room: 12A
Speakers: Chris Eyhorn , Ross Buhrdorf , Hersh Amin , Colin Guinn , Amanda Justice

Cloud Migration, Mobile and the Role of Data Integration – Making Fact-Based Decisions that Positively Impact Your Bottom Line
Room: 14
Speakers: Alex Luzes , Sudarshan Magadi , Rick Turner , Michael Johnson , Michael Buckley

How to Not Pay the Ransom
Room: 11AB
Speaker: Jason Snook

Inside/Outside View of Cyber-Sercurity
Room: Microsoft Technology Symposium (inside Exhibit Hall)
Speaker: Jeff Schilling

11:30 AM

Women in Tech Summit Luncheon: Leading Through Stress and Chaos
Room: 16AB
Speaker: Courtney Clark

CIO Gala Luncheon: A Company of Owners: Maximizing Employee Engagement
Room: 18CD
Speaker: Daren Martin, PhD

ISSA Security Luncheon: Anatomy of Cyber Attacks
Room: 18AB
Speaker: Tom Ervin

12:00 PM

Attendee Luncheon

1:00 PM

User Requirements is a Fallacy
Room: 11AB
Speaker: Vijay George

Pulling Shadow IT Out of the Shadows
Room: 12A
Speakers: Blake Holman , Rob O'Neal , Jeff Smedley , Lou Senko

Machine Learning in Security: When it Works and When it Doesn’t
Room: 12B
Speaker: Andrew Davis

Best Pathway to the Cloud
Room: 14
Speakers: Troy Bertram , Nathan McGuirt , Brent Brightwell

Hidden Gems in Office 365
Room: 13
Speaker: David Broussard

7 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers
Room: Microsoft Technology Symposium (inside Exhibit Hall)

1:15 PM

Four Big Questions to Conquer
Room: 16AB
Speakers: Joanne Corum , Rebecca Taylor , Beth Weeks , Teri Pennington

1:30 PM

Healthcare Design: Leading Innovations and Transformations
Room: 19A
Speakers: Zac Jiwa , Tate Erlinger , Ruben Rathnasingham, PhD , Paul Kramer

1:45 PM

Happy 45 Minutes Reception

2:30 PM

Social Media – More than marketing and key to building a better business
Room: 12A
Speakers: Al Hopper , Rachel Romoff , Hector Leal

Deep and Dark Web (DDW): Shifting the Risk Equation
Room: 12B
Speaker: Michael Anderson

Advances in Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring
Room: 19A
Speakers: Jennifer Sethre , Thomas J Kim, MD, MPH

SQL Server Tips from the Field
Room: 13
Speaker: Jim Murphy

IT Double Vision – How a Business and Its Technologists Can See Right Past Each Other
Room: 11AB
Speaker: Russ Finney

6 Things you need to know about data visualization tools
Room: 14
Speaker: Laura Melchor McCanlies

Come Experience a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)
Room: Microsoft Technology Symposium (inside Exhibit Hall)

2:45 PM

Culture of Welcome & Inclusion
Room: 16AB
Speakers: Lisa Fritsch , Kristin Janik , Barbary Brunner , Aubrey Blanche

3:30 PM

What I Wish I Knew Before I Signed That Contract
Room: 12A
Speakers: Gregory S. Weiss , Blake Holman

Beta Summit
Room: 13

Evidence Management & Role of the Cloud
Room: 12B
Speakers: Brent Brightwell , Stuart Clark , Stanley Forney

Big Data: Critical Factors for Delivering Successful Big Data Projects
Room: 14
Speakers: Mark Greene , George Trujillo

A Scalable, Agile Framework for Successful Product Management - From Start Up to Enterprise
Room: 11AB
Speaker: Katie Bullard

3:45 PM

A Trail of Success – Determining Your Own Road as a Woman in Technology
Room: 16AB
Speakers: Belinda Perez , Janet Cinfio , Kelly Karsnia , Rani Johnson , Kimberly Wilkins , Vanessa Vinson

4:30 PM

IT Executives of the Year Awards Reception

5:00 PM

TechUntapped InnoTech After Party

Networking Reception - Hosted by Aruba Networks