November 16, 2017
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Presentation Archive

Below are a few of the presentations from the 2015 InnoTech Austin Conference. Click on the title to view the presentation.

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2016 Available Presentations

Business leaders are engaging labor differently – Is your IT ready?

6 things to know about data vizualizations

User Requirements is a Fallacy

Leveraging Your Power of Influence

Technology leadership driving business innovation

Sql server tips from the field

Risk Assessments

2015 Available Presentations

Cloud Costing Services

Cloud Security DevOps

Crack the Code

Data Science: See What Your Eyes Can’t

DevOps without Measurement is a Fail

The Function of IT in Business Transformation 

Innovation Centers

Innovation Overload

Keeping IT and YOU Relevant

Real-World Agile Projects – How to Structure Your Meetings & Reduce Documentation

The Web Data Blindspot

What a 9-year-old Taught Me About Marketing with Digital Video

 When Advertising and Entertainment Get Married

2014 Available Presentations

Agile for Adults – Best Results come from Structure: Meetings, Estimates, and Expectations set via Planning and Status

2013 Available Presentations

Agile & Project Management: Oil & Water or Friends with Benefits

Comparing Cloud Providers, Platforms and Tools

Continuity of Operations (COOP) – Mitigating the Credible Threat

Cyber Security Wake-up Call

Don’t Be The Drunk Uncle of the Social Web

Harnessing the Power of Content Marketing

Innovation for Business

Is IT Transforming Your Business?

Is Your Intranet Social Yet?

Paid Search Strategies in 2014- presentation 1 and 2

Resetting Your Mobile Strategy for Convergence

The Future Paradigm Shifts of the Cloud and Big Data: Security Impacts & New Strategies We Must Consider

Security – Invest Where it Matters Most

SharePoint Group Therapy

2012 Available Presentations

Advancing the Traditional Enterprise: An EA Story

Attribution 101

Enabling Collaboration with SharePoint 2010

How to Brand Yourself, the Power of Social Mediums

Mobile Application Development: Strategy and Execution

Optimizing Your Website in a Post Penguin World

Roadmap to Becoming a Trusted Business Partner

The Future of Advance Analytics

Transitioning in and out of Information Technology

The CIO Paradox

The Failure of Information Security Classification: A New Model is Afoot!

The Secrets to Social Success – Aligning Marketing and Sales Objectives

Video Killed the Radio Star (But Not Your Marketing)

2011 Available Presentations

Opening Keynote: Putting IBM Watson to Work

Advanced Social Media Strategies

Architecting Secure Web Systems

A Strategic Approach to IT Accessability

CIO Luncheon: The Consumerization of IT

Create an IT Budget your CFO Will Love

Desktop Virtualization and the Consumerization of IT

Effective Strategies of Facebook Marketing

Enabling Innovation and Integration to the Cloud

Finding the Right eMarketing Mix: A Musical Journey

Get More Out of Your Project Teams

Getting the Click: How to Deliver Click-Worthy Content

IPv6: What Executive Level Leaders Need to Do…

Learning 2.0

No More Mobile Gimmicks

Project Management is Like Gasoline

Taming the West: ECM and RM in SharePoint 2010

The Rise of Big Data and OnDemand IT

Video for Business: Communicating Across Channels

Why AppSec Matters