October 5, 2017
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2016 Conference Sessions

  Session Color Key: Blue sessions = open to all.  Orange sessions = IT Executive Forum participants only. AGENDA AT A GLANCE: CLICK HERE

8:00 AM

Opening Keynote: Business leaders are engaging labor differently – Is your IT ready?
Room: 4
Speaker: Doug Reeder

9:00 AM

Incident Response: Data Security
Room: 3
Speakers: Shawn Tuma , Val Mukherjee , Harold Collum , Dan Talbott

Desktop Virtualization/VDI – Technically Viable and Financially Sound
Room: 5
Speaker: Daren Stamper

How to Not Pay the Ransom
Room: 9
Speaker: Matt Miller

Cloud Access Security Brokers: What’s All the Hype?
Room: 1
Speaker: Jervis Hui

Building a Roadmap to Cloud IT
Room: 4
Speaker: Dustin (Dusty) Smith

Using Data to Become a More Effective Storyteller
Room: 2
Speaker: Amber Smart

10:15 AM

You Connect and We Protect- Building a Trust-Based Network for Business-Critical Apps and IoT
Room: 4
Speakers: Eric Hileman , Seth Stemple

A 3-tier Approach for a true Penetration Test
Room: 3
Speaker: Donovan Farrow

What I Wish I Knew Before I Signed That Contract
Room: 5
Speakers: Gregory S. Weiss , Blake Holman

Case Study: Seagate's Amazon AWS IT Deployment and Security
Room: 1
Speaker: Rodney D. Beede

DevOps: Transform the Culture from Control to Enablement
Room: 9
Speaker: Nathan Aker

Building a Data-Driven Organization
Room: 2
Speaker: Will Jones

11:15 AM

Pulling Shadow IT Out of the Shadows
Room: 5
Speakers: Blake Holman , Chris Crafts , David Horton , Gordon Martin

Jittery MacGyver: Effecting Change with One Unremarkable Coffee Maker
Room: 1
Speaker: Evan Booth

Leveraging Business Intelligence with Advance Security Technology
Room: 3
Speaker: Danny Frid

Gateway Mortgage Group and TulsaConnect – A Cloud Partnership Success Story
Room: 4
Speakers: Jarrod Cavner , Steve Harpe

IT Double Vision – How a Business and Its Technologists Can See Right Past Each Other
Room: 2
Speaker: Russ Finney

Devops: Getting to know Docker
Room: 9
Speaker: Cornell Greene

12:00 PM

IT Executive Luncheon: A Company of Owners: Maximizing Employee Engagement
Speaker: Daren Martin, PhD

1:00 PM

Startup Spotlight
Room: 5

Threat Intelligence and Layered Security in the Post-Target Breach Era
Room: 3
Speaker: Ted Gruenloh

Unlocking the Power of Office 365
Room: 4
Speaker: Darryl Sicker

Why Women Leaders Bring Profit
Room: 9
Speakers: Ben Williams , Brandy Semore , Donna Miller

…. and bad mistakes I’ve made a few…..
Room: 1
Speaker: Jayson E. Street

Data Visualization with Tableau
Room: 2
Speaker: Will Jones

2:15 PM

User Requirements is a Fallacy
Room: 2
Speaker: Vijay George

Building a Highly Effective Information Security Program
Room: 1
Speaker: Geoff Wilson

Dell Technologies – Let the Transformation Begin
Room: 4
Speaker: John E. Mullen

Hard-Learned Lessons of a DevSecOps Addict
Room: 3
Speaker: Shannon Lietz

Designing a Modern Disaster Recovery Environment
Room: 9
Speaker: Dave Hiechel

4:15 PM

InnoTech After Party – Sponsored by Peak UpTime & Juniper Networks