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2013 Conference Sessions

9:00 AM

2013 Social Media Lounge

Speaker: ---

Effective Security Metrics

Speaker: Bryce Schroeder

Being A Trail Blazer and Risk Taker: Fireside Chat

Speakers: Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh , Molly Moore

The Attack Graph Model for Understanding Malware Behavior

Speaker: Matt Brinkley

What Are They Saying and What Do I Do Now? – Social Listening and Follow Up

Speakers: Anne Bell-Fysh , Melissa Barker , Jeff Bunch , Deborah Colby

Google Penguins & Pandas – What Are They?

Speakers: Michael Cottam , Matthew Brown , Ben Lloyd

The Myth and Reality of Hybrid Cloud

Speaker: Bernard Golden

802.11ac – Do you know the A,B,C’s of Wifi?

Speaker: Rick Lindahl

Building Teams for Growth and Innovation

Speaker: Katherine Golden

Real-Time Analytics With Azure and Node.js

Speakers: Jon de la Motte , Jason Stevens

Finding the Right Fit for your Organization's Digital Needs

Speaker: Ben McKinley

10:00 AM

The Rise of Content Marketing: Effective Curated Content Across B2C And B2B

Speaker: Anoop Sahgal

YouTube Awesome - No Camera, Content, Or Audience? No Problem!

Speaker: Paul Colligan

10:30 AM

YOU are the Next Generation Leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Speakers: Lakecia Gunter , Irina Frumkin , Mitzi M. Montoya , Ivo Lukas

Four Missing Elements In Your Project Managers

Speaker: Todd C. Williams

Tiers of Network Architectures: Expectations vs. Practical Realities

Speaker: Sean Finn

Three Executives Reveal Strategies & Concerns with BYOD

Speakers: Duane Ternes , Len Vance , John Rasmussen , Jim Wilcox

Open Source and Cloud as a Laboratory for Innovation

Speaker: Joshua Mitchell

BizTalk ESB For Mere Mortals

Speakers: Dave Harrison , Eric Stott

How to Communicate with Your Pointy-Haired Boss

Speaker: Rich Bader

Turn Your Mobile and Web Apps Up to 11 with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Speaker: Josh Twist

11:30 AM

InnoTech Keynote Luncheon: Innovation on Demand

Speaker: William “Whurley” Hurley

eMarketing Summit Luncheon: Think Tank: Next Gen Social

Speakers: Katja Asaro , Frank Mungeam , Jennifer Davis , Siouxsie Jennett

1:00 PM

Legal Aspects of the Cloud and SaaS

Speakers: John Mansfield , Jim Reavis , Bill Niestempski , Bernard Golden

Rapid Risk Assessment Techniques

Speaker: Andrew Plato

Federated Identity Management – Trends in Identity with Mobility & Cloud Providers

Speakers: Kevin Graham , Robert Klohr

Mobile Marketing & Customer Retention: Never Miss the Moment of Opportunity

Speaker: Tim Hayden

Information Technology Value: How to Align Corporate Business Goals with Technology

Speaker: Chris Yetman

Ubiquiti Networks - Disruptive Product Technologies Explained

Speakers: Tony Rassavong , Rick Lindahl

Innovation in Motion

Speakers: Gene Ehrbar , David Steinberg , Kevin Long

New Ways Industry Leaders Are Using Data for Competitive Intelligence

Speaker: Marshall Kirkpatrick

Multi-screen Marketing at a Glance

Speaker: David Richards

1:15 PM

Say What? Achieving the Ability to Communicate the Business Value of Technology

Speakers: Cindy Tortorici , Jody Bohannon , Sherry Swackhamer , Emily Phan

2:00 PM

Getting More Value From Your Data

Speaker: Tammy Schuring

Steps to Building a Dynamic Mobile Strategy

Speakers: Ananthan Thandri , John Kenagy , Ben Berry , Chris Dill

PSU's Digital Marketing Strategy Final Project Presentation Finalists - American Idol Style!

Speakers: Derek Phillips , Lisa Peyton , Melissa Barker

The Future of Advanced Analytics

Speaker: David Smith

How Development Advances Can Put Security In Reverse

Speaker: Barb Frederiksen-Cross

The Nuts and Bolts of Disaster Recovery

Speaker: Steve Knipple

Integrated Vulnerability Validation

Speaker: Ethan Goldstein

2:30 PM

Measuring What Matters in Social Media

Speaker: Kent Lewis

What is Working Now: Online and Offline Marketing to Extend Your Reach

Speakers: Brian MacDonald , Troy O’Bryan

2:45 PM

InnoTech Happy 45 Minutes

3:30 PM

2013 Beta Summit

Speaker: ---

5 Must-use Google Analytics Reports and Tools

Speaker: Ian Lurie

Global Efforts to Secure Cloud Computing

Speaker: Jim Reavis

Mobile, Big Data and the Cloud—Transforming the Data Center Ecosystem

Speakers: Baxter Gillette , John Sheputis , Martha Tate , Gary Neal , Jill Miles

Enterprise App Development for Windows Phone (finally!)

Speaker: Kelly White

Making Sense of Public Big Data – Visually

Speaker: Eimar M. Boesjes

BYOD and Mobile Security: Empowering Employees While Securing Corporate Assets

Speaker: Ken Whelan

4:30 PM

InnoTech After Party