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NW CIO Summit

a Special Event @ InnoTech
Thursday,May 2, 2013
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon

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We invite you to attend the NW CIO Summit, an exclusive IT Executive Special Event @ InnoTech. This year’s event is focused on “Transformational Leadership in IT”.  Join us as we explore the principles of Transformational Leadership and examples to gain fresh, innovative ideas that are feasible and functional in today’s business environment.

The NW CIO Summit is open to CIOs, VPs of IT and their Direct Reports or Deputies for $60.00 per person which includes the NW CIO Summit, the InnoTech Conference sessions, InnoTech exhibits, and multiple networking receptions/events.

2013 NW CIO Summit Agenda & Presentation Descriptions -

9:00am – 9:50am
 Building Teams for Growth and Innovation
 Kathy Golden_80
Katherine Golden
Vice President of Engineering & Enterprise Architecture, Corbis


10:30am – 11:20am
 Four Missing Elements In Your Project Managers
 ToddCWilliams_80 Todd C. Williams,President, eCameron, Inc.


InnoTech VIP Luncheon
11:30am – 1:00pm
Innovation on Demand

William “Whurley” Hurley
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Chaotic Moon Studios


1:00pm – 1:50pm
 Information Technology Value: How to Align Corporate Business Goals with Technology
Chris Yetman
SVP Business Process & Technology, Integra


2:00pm – 2:50pm
Steps to Building a Dynamic Mobile Strategy
Chris Dill
Former CIO, Portland Trail Blazers
 benberry profile picture_80 Ben Berry
Chief Technology Officer
Bureau of Technology Services, City of Portland
Mentor Graphics Corporation, Management. Ananthan Thandri
VP & CIO, Mentor Graphics
JohnKenagy_80 John Kenagy
Sr VP & CIO, Legacy Health


3:30pm – 4:20pm
2013 Beta Summit