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Andrew Plato

Andrew M. Plato is the founder and President of Anitian Enterprise Security, one of the oldest and most accomplished security consultancies in the world.  Mr. Plato founded Anitian in 1995 after a successful career as a software engineer, database developer, and technical writer. With over 2200 clients nationwide, Anitian serves a broad collection of public and private institutions. Mr. Plato has guided Anitian into a dominant position with a focused philosophy of practical, pragmatic information security based upon the rational analysis techniques of the Scientific Method.

Mr. Plato has overseen and actively participated in thousands of security projects including security & risk assessment, penetration testing, incident response, PCI compliance and technology integration.  Mr. Plato routinely advises CIOs, CISOs, and other executives on matters of IT security and governance.  Mr. Plato is also a prolific author, publishing numerous articles, books, blog entries, and reports over his career.

Mr. Plato is well known for delivering insightful, high-energy presentations that challenge conventional thinking, provide real-world insights, and are based upon factual, evidence and not speculation and sensationalism.  Mr. Plato’s presentations are designed to be both educational and entertaining.