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Jim Reavis

For many years, Jim Reavis has worked in the information security industry as an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, technologist and business strategist. Jim’s innovative thinking about emerging security trends have been published and presented widely throughout the industry and have influenced many. Jim is helping shape the future of information security as co-founder, executive director and driving force of theĀ Cloud Security Alliance. Jim was recently named as one of the Top 10 cloud computing leaders by

Jim is the President of Reavis Consulting Group, LLC, where he advises security companies, large enterprises and other organizations on the implications of new trends such as Cloud and how to take advantage of them.

Jim has previously been an international board member of the ISSA, a global not for profit association of information security professionals and formerly served as the association’s Executive Director. Jim was a co-founder of the Alliance for Enterprise Security Risk Management, a partnership between the ISSA, ISACA and ASIS, formed to address the enterprise risk issues associated with the convergence of logical and traditional security. Jim currently serves in an advisory capacity for many of the industry’s most successful companies. Jim is also a partner with the MetroSITE Group.

Jim founded SecurityPortal in 1998 and has been an advisor on the launch of many industry ventures. Jim is widely quoted in the press and has worked with hundreds of corporations on their information security strategy and technology roadmap. Jim has a background in networking technologies, marketing, product management and systems integration. Jim received a B.A. in Business Administration / Computer Science from Western Washington University in 1987 and serves on WWU’s alumni board.

Current affiliations of Jim Reavis

Cloud Security Alliance, Executive Director
MetroSITE Group, Partner
Neupart Inc., Chairman, Advisory Board
Pacific Crest Securities, Mosaic Expert Network member
PGP Corporation, Business Advisory Board Member
Tyfone, Technical Advisory Board Member
VANTOS, National Advisory Council Member

Past affiliations of Jim Reavis

ISSA, Executive Director
ISSA, CISO Task Force
Alliance for Enterprise Security Risk Management, Founder
SPI Dynamics, Advisory Board Member (Acquired by HP)
Securent, Advisory Board Member (Acquired by Cisco)