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Liz Alexander

Currently, Sr Program Manager with Pick-n-Pull, Auto and Truck Dismantlers, a Schnitzer Steel company, located in Rancho Cordova, CA.

I have deep roots in the Portland Business community, having worked there for 25 years, as both an IT Manager (with The Standard, Port of Portland, BPA and Gardenburger) and an independent business owner (IT Recruiting and Project Management) who’s client list included NW Natural, Old Spaghetti Factory, Pacificorp, Schnitzer Steel and Daimler-Benz.  I have a Comp Science/Business degree from DePaul University, and am a graduate of the SIM RLF and LDR Leadership Development Programs.  I started out programming COBOL and ASSEMBLER for Arthur Andersen Consulting back in the 80’s, but have spent the majority of my career managing IT development and support teams, and as a Project Manager bringing one form of technology or another across the finish line.  I have seen the IT profession burgeon with women early in my career when the high demand for technical skills forced management to “overlook” our gender, and we used the profession to gain a toehold in the otherwise male majority workplace, and then seemingly shrink in recent years as I attend Sr IT Management forums that are predominately male.  I believe there is still value in promoting IT and high-tech professions for women just starting their careers, because this is one rollicking profession that, for the most part, survives economic downturns.  Let’s talk!