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Mary-Beth Frerichs

“Seeing, feeling, hearing, experiencing other human beings feel validated, heard, valued, and on course is the most fulfilling professional experience I’ve ever known.”

With well over two decades of experience in human resources management, Mary-Beth Frerichs is a certified executive coach and trainer whose expertise spans the employment lifecycle, employee development, conflict resolution, strategic decision-making, and career transitions navigation. Executives, directors, managers, and employees seek out Mary-Beth’s skilled and intuitive guidance to help them meet challenges, set goals, and excel as professional individuals.

Her deep understanding and unique senior perspective of the employment lifecycle are rooted in her front-line responsibility for recruiting, onboarding, training and development, performance management, workforce reductions, outplacement, and expat assignments.

Mary-Beth possesses genuine care for her clients and the challenges they may face at various career stages. She sees her role as a change agent—not attached to outcomes, but focused on inspiring a balanced approach as she and her clients interact as equals to create action plans that propel professionals forward.

Mary-Beth Frerichs is Principal and Lead Executive Coach for The Driver Group, LLC.