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William “Whurley” Hurley

William Hurley, aka whurley®

whurley is one of the co-founders of Chaotic Moon Studios, one of the leading mobile and interactive development houses in the world, with clients like Disney, Intel, Starbucks, Whole Foods and more. In addition to running the research and development division of Chaotic Moon, whurley serves as a thought-leader and expert in the world of mobile technology and open source software.

Before co-founding Chaotic Moon, Whurley’s career included Research and Development at Apple, and Sr. Manager of Targeted Internet Solutions at IBM. Along the way, he also co-founded and served as CTO for Symbiot, a network security company.

An IBM Master Inventor, with 11 patents held, winner of an international genius grant, and creator of one of CES 2012’ Best of Show breakthroughs, (the Board of Awesomeness), whurley has his vision set on what’s next. He’s not just thinking about it: he’s making it, at Chaotic Moon Labs which he heads and creates solutions for companies like Toyota, Whole Foods, In-Bev and more. From brainwave recognition technology, to gesture-controlled vehicles, whurley will bring his experiences and his technological know-how to do what he does best: disrupt the future of mobile technology.