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10:30 AM

BizTalk ESB For Mere Mortals

Speakers: Dave Harrison , Eric Stott

Room: E142

The Enterprise Service Bus as a concept is all the rage in integration circles; BizTalk’s implementation of ESB is particularly forward-looking and extendable. However, as a product BizTalk hasn’t taken off like it should have; we believe this is because there is too much uncertainty over what the tool can offer everyone (not just admin demi-gods!) in real business value. In this presentation we’ll walk through the following topics:

-What is the ESB in BizTalk
-Best practices in messaging patterns and how BizTalk differs from WF workflow or SQL Server solution paths in sharing data
-What itineraries look like and how they fit into messaging patterns
-Logging with Business Activity Monitoring
-How to best leverage BizTalk ESB in your business:
-Extending the ESB with a SharePoint portal
-Resubmission at the point of error and why that’s important
-Using custom resolvers and exporters in the designer pane
-Dashboards to deliver key process indicators to the BA’s and developers that need them – real-time!