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10:30 AM

Three Executives Reveal Strategies & Concerns with BYOD

Speakers: Duane Ternes , Len Vance , John Rasmussen , Jim Wilcox

Room: E143

There is more to employee personal mobile device use (bring your own device, or BYOD) on enterprise networks than MDM and other technical tools. Increasingly, organizations embrace, or surrender the fight against, personal mobile device use. Most recognize the security and privacy implications.

Many are wrestling, not only with the cost of mobile management tools, but also the costs of deploying and managing such tools. What may be even bigger are the policy implications of having (or not having) them.

In this session, information executives from three prestigious Portland area organizations discuss employee mobile device strategies, concerns, and long-term visions (and hopes).

Note: this session is a part of the NW ISSA Security Summit (a special event which requires separate payment and registration). Please see our registration page for details.