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9:00 AM

Effective Security Metrics

Speaker: Bryce Schroeder

Room: E143

How often have you been frustrated trying to communicate an imminent IT security risk to your non-technical colleagues? What may seem like a clear and present danger to you may be too abstract to be understood as an organizational risk by your executive¬†team peers. It can be vexing for both sides, to say the least, and this is a gap that can threaten security funding and resources if it isn’t addressed. ¬†In addition, do you know how to show that your security measures are working? Can you break down the metrics to show where you are being successful and where you need to improve? In this session, we will begin with a look at the state of risk-based security management, discover how information security relates to the business, and discuss techniques for getting everyone on your executive team on the same page and displaying your success in the security department.

Note: this session is a part of the NW ISSA Security Summit (a special event which requires separate payment and registration). Please see our registration page for details.