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9:00 AM

Finding the Right Fit for your Organization’s Digital Needs

Speaker: Ben McKinley

Room: Main Stage Theater, inside Exhibit Hall E

In today’s world, a well-executed digital strategy is critical to achieving your organization’s goals.  Your web site and associated digital marketing tools are mission critical.  There’s a good chance you’d benefit from outside help with strategy and execution on some level.

-Do you simply need a online brochure or a more complex site with security considerations, ecommerce and/or animation?
-What about social media and mobile needs?
-Do you prefer working with large agencies that cover more of your needs, or several smaller, more focused solution providers?
-How effectively are you measuring the results of your efforts?
-What’s the right mix of technology platforms and tools to empower your team and syndicate your efforts?
-What are your ongoing technical support needs?

This decision comes down to teams of people delivering technology solutions.  We’ll dive deep into the many flavors of interactive solution providers to demystify the landscape and provide insights on aligning your organization with a vendor (and hopefully, trusted advisor) to support current and longer term needs.