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10:30 AM

Four Missing Elements In Your Project Managers

Speaker: Todd C. Williams

Room: E141

Projects need more than check boxes and process to provide customers with value-laden deliverables. Without exception, the biggest attribute for any project is motivated team members aligned with stakeholders around a project’s vision. Leaders make this happen.
Eighty-percent of running any project is enabling its members to form a team that can achieve its vision. However, most project managers have been trained in process. They need the skills to inspire people they have no authority over, negotiating solutions with disparate stakeholders, and selling innovative concepts that the customer endorses. Properly implementing these skills will form teams that successfully complete initiatives.
This session will focus on the three key elements to improve your project management group—selling, negotiation, building teams.

Note: this session is a part of the CIO Summit which requires separate payment and registration. See our registration page for details.