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3:30 PM

Mobile, Big Data and the Cloud—Transforming the Data Center Ecosystem

Speakers: Baxter Gillette , John Sheputis , Martha Tate , Gary Neal , Jill Miles

Room: E145

Mobile, big data and the rise of hybrid clouds are transforming the way data centers deliver services—generating new infrastructure and operational demands. A shift is underway—with data centers moving away from the traditional, consolidated, centralized model, becoming more agile and service-oriented in response to these trends.

The data center of tomorrow must allow customers to consume IT-as-a-Service, host critical applications and data, and augment capacity via private, public and hybrid clouds. It must provide tools that enable customers to quickly access, analyze and harness the power of big data from a variety of devices. And it must be equipped with the right storage technologies and connectivity solutions to cope with increasing data volume, variety, velocity and complexity—all while ensuring data security and business continuity.

In this session, you’ll learn more about how Oregon data centers are preparing for these changes. You’ll get a better understanding of the support mechanisms required, and how state agencies are adapting to new data center demands. And you’ll hear about how companies like Integra are augmenting transport systems and capacity to enable the delivery of new services from data centers.