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1:15 PM

Say What? Achieving the Ability to Communicate the Business Value of Technology

Speakers: Cindy Tortorici , Jody Bohannon , Sherry Swackhamer , Emily Phan

Room: E147

Spend any amount of time in the technology industry and you’ll find that there is a specific “tech language” that is spoken. While it is easy for you and your fellow technology counterparts to understand, that may not be the case for many people you must collaborate with on a daily basis. What if your boss is not a technologist? How do you get them (and others) to understand your point of view and value in the company? Join us as we discuss the need to be “bi-lingual” in your job and create relationships both inside and out of your department.

Note: this session is a part of the Women in Tech Summit. Separate registration and payment is required to attend the Women in Tech Summit. See the registration page for details.