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11:30 AM

eMarketing Summit Luncheon: Think Tank: Next Gen Social

Speakers: Katja Asaro , Frank Mungeam , Jennifer Davis , Siouxsie Jennett

Room: F149-150

Like all new marketing channels, social media is quickly evolving beyond a singular medium and maturing to become an accepted and integrated part of organizations’ marketing roadmaps.  This panel of marketing professionals will discuss the inevitable convergence of traditional media, including television, events and digital signage, with the new kid on the block – social media.  What does coordinated social engagement look like in the future landscape? How will this futurescape impact your marketing decisions today? And what should you invest in to stay ahead of the game and set yourself apart from your competition?

Note: this session is a part of the eMarketing Summit. Separate payment and registration is required to attend the eMarketing Summit. Please see our registration page for details.