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10:30 AM

Tiers of Network Architectures: Expectations vs. Practical Realities

Speaker: Sean Finn

Room: E 146

How do you think about what it is that you are protecting? How well do you understand the environment that these ‘protected things’ live within?

In most cases, networks, and computer system environments are understood at a specific,but partial, layer of abstraction. In practice, an effective environment is typically managed by multiple teams, each with a focus on their specific “layer”. The net result is based on how all these layers fit together — and they don’t always fit together as any one team expects.

This presentation will provide a framework for recognizing how the various layers fit together, and practical insights into what can go wrong as the environment evolves through intentional, and un-intentional changes.

Note: this session is a part of the NW ISSA Security Summit, a special event at InnoTech which requires separate registration and payment. See our registration page for details.