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9:00 AM

What Are They Saying and What Do I Do Now? – Social Listening and Follow Up

Speakers: Anne Bell-Fysh , Melissa Barker , Jeff Bunch , Deborah Colby

Room: F151

Listening to what is being said about your brand on the social Web is only the first half of the equation. The key to a successful social program: have a feedback process in place to ensure you are using the information you uncovered from listening.


In this session, we will answer the hottest questions around social listening:

1.      How do I listen to the social Web?

2.      What do I do with the feedback?

3.      What does a successful feedback loop look like?

4.      How do I create a follow up process?


You DO NOT want to miss this session!

Note: this session is a part of the eMarketing Summit which requires separate payment and registration. See our registration page for details.