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2:30 PM

What is Working Now: Online and Offline Marketing to Extend Your Reach

Speakers: Brian MacDonald , Troy O’Bryan

Room: F151

All marketers ask themselves the same two-part question.  What do we need to do to find new customers and strengthen relationships with our existing customers?

During this session, learn from two local companies who have tested and identified what works and what doesn’t.  Local B2B Hi-tech leader Mentor Graphics and Portland based demand generation agency Response Capture will walk through the steps you need to take to extend your marketing reach.  In this joint presentation, you will learn how to find new companies, new contacts and the steps you need to take to engage them including: effective mediums, relevant content and realistic metrics to evaluate your success.

Note: This session is a part of the eMarketing Summit which is a special event at InnoTech and requires separate registration and payment. See our registration page for details.