InnoTech San Antonio
April 12-13, 2017
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2016 Conference Sessions

NOTE: General InnoTech admission includes access to all sessions except the N. San Antonio Chamber CIO Luncheon. Separate registration is required to attend the luncheon. See below for list of currently confirmed sessions.

7:45 AM

InnoTech Kickoff

8:00 AM

Opening Keynote: Business leaders are engaging labor differently – Is your IT ready?
Room: 301B-C
Speaker: Doug Reeder

9:30 AM

Replacing Microsoft Infrastructure Legacy and Business Applications with Google Apps for Government: True Story
Room: 301C
Speaker: Jo Ana Alvarado

Using Business Intelligence to Bring Your Data to Life
Room: 302C
Speakers: Brian Jones , Bryan Guinn

Social Media – More than marketing and key to building a better business
Room: 301A
Speakers: Rachel Romoff , Hector Leal , Al Hopper

Fueling Growth in the Digital Workplace - Your Employees are Ready, is Your Network?
Room: 302A
Speaker: Olin Olson

How Hungry Are You For Your Risk Appetite?
Room: 301B
Speakers: Perry Robinson , Jeff Reich

Internet of Things (IoT) Hype or Reality? A Roadmap to Future Success
Room: 302B
Speakers: David Raine , Randy Field , Drue Placette , Tony Quesada

10:30 AM

User Requirements is a Fallacy
Room: 302B
Speaker: Vijay George

San Antonio’s Rich History of Innovation & The Coming Museum of Science and Technology
Room: 301A
Speakers: Jeff Wyatt , David Monroe

Defining Your Cloud Strategy While Mitigating Cloud Security Risk
Room: 301C
Speaker: Louis Hood

Overcoming Workplace Challenges for Women in Tech
Room: 302A
Speaker: Sandra Schlortt

A Day in the Life of…
Room: 302C
Speaker: Greg Wilburn

Security Infusion. What?
Room: 301B
Speakers: Joe Oranday , Trey Ford , Elliott Franklin

11:30 AM

N. San Antonio Chamber CIO Luncheon

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Pulling Shadow IT Out of the Shadows
Room: 302B
Speakers: Yvonne Garibay , Jeff Reich , Craig Hopkins , Hugh Miller

Threat Intelligence and Layered Security in the Post-Target Breach Era
Room: 301B
Speaker: Ted Gruenloh

The CyberSecurity Lifecycle, from Vision to Verify
Room: 301C
Speaker: Charlie Winckless

Greater San Antonio IT Economic Impact Study
Room: 301A
Speakers: Judge Nelson Wolff , Mary Stefl , Danny Chavez , Richard Butler , Shaun Williams

Transforming IT with an Open Source Strategy
Room: 302C
Speaker: Eric Mizell

IT Margin Improvement: Reducing IT OPEX to Increase the Bottom Line
Room: 302A
Speakers: James Phillips , Brandon Neff

1:45 PM

InnoTech Exhibits/Networking Break

2:10 PM

AI 3.0: Is it Finally Time for Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Networks to be Disruptive?
Room: 301C
Speaker: David Smith

Breaking the Disaster Recovery (DR) Mold
Room: 302A
Speaker: Christa Gill

PMO - Journey to excellence (Towards BiModal IT)
Room: 302C
Speaker: Sujoy Sur

Anatomy of Cyber Attacks
Room: 301B
Speaker: Tom Ervin

Store, Share and Collaborate Securely, with Google Apps Unlimited
Room: 301A
Speaker: Donna McIntire

Succeeding in the New Application Economy
Room: 302B
Speakers: Clint Campbell , Mark Palmros , Chris Cox

3:10 PM

San Antonio's Technical Work Force of Tomorrow
Room: 301A
Speakers: Brian Parks , Tommy Calvert , Sandi Boyd , Jason Straughan

Real-World Agile Projects – How to Structure Your Meetings & Reduce Documentation
Room: 302C
Speaker: Darrel Raynor

The Digital Metamorphosis: Six Future Leadership & Strategy Imperatives Required for IT Success
Room: 301C
Speaker: Russ Finney

What I Wish I Knew Before I Signed That Contract
Room: 302B
Speakers: Gregory S. Weiss , Blake Holman

CyberDEF Dojo: Mobile Security with an Application Platform
Room: 301B
Speakers: Omar Quimbaya , Josh Bentley

Empowering Technology in San Antonio
Room: 302A

3:45 PM

InnoTech Happy 45-Minute Reception

4:30 PM