InnoTech San Antonio
May 11, 2016
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2015 Conference Sessions

Blue sessions = open to all. Green sessions = Business Transformation Symposium attendees only. Orange sessions = CIO Panel Forum participants only.

7:45 AM

InnoTech Kickoff
Room: 204

8:00 AM

Opening Keynote - The Internet of Everything
Room: 204
Speaker: Leah Lewis

9:30 AM

Innovation Overload – Technology, Jobs and the Future
Room: 202A
Speaker: David Smith

Out-Innovating the Adversaries To Protect Key Data
Room: 204B
Speaker: Brian Kenyon

Infrastructure Makeover for Your Small to Medium Business
Room: 204A
Speakers: Chris Tuttle , Jesse Diaz

Building a New Generation of Windows: Windows 10
Room: Microsoft Theater - Exhibit Hall
Speakers: David Morin , Megg Alvizo

The Speed of Change
Room: 201
Speaker: Bill Phillips

Software Defined Futures
Room: 203A
Speaker: William J. Turner, Ph.D., CISSP

10:30 AM

Beta Summit
Room: 202A

Secret Cyber Warriors of San Antonio
Room: 204B
Speakers: Maj. Gen. Burke E. "Ed" Wilson , Maj. Gen. John N.T. "Jack" Shanahan

The Road Ahead: Strategic Leadership and Change Management
Room: 201
Speakers: Hugh Miller , Manish Kapoor , Gregory Sarich , Shaun Williams

The Modern Data Architecture and Hadoop
Room: 203A
Speaker: Tony Jewitt

Security and Tools
Room: 204A
Speaker: Jeff Reich

The Social Journey to Business Success
Room: Microsoft Theater - Exhibit Hall
Speaker: David Broussard

How to kick start DevOps
Room: 203B
Speaker: Ernest Mueller

11:30 AM

N. San Antonio Chamber CIO Panel-Harnessing Digital: Mobile, Cloud, Data
Room: Bridge Hall

1:00 PM

Threats to Your Data: Vectors and the FBI
Room: 204A
Speaker: Tom Ervin

Apportals: Live Data, Reports, Visibility
Room: Microsoft Theater - Exhibit Hall
Speaker: Bryan Guinn

Big Data @USAA
Room: 203A
Speaker: Robert Ghavidel

From the Keyboard to the Boardroom
Room: 202A
Speaker: Suzanne Vautrinot

Addressing Technical and Organizational Debt With DevOps
Room: 203B
Speaker: JP Morgenthal

NOBODY Understands the Cloud!
Room: 204B
Speakers: Gib Sorebo , Dan Karam , William A. Mundt , Jason Ashabran

IT Future 2020 - Technology and Impacts
Room: 201
Speaker: Russ Finney

1:45 PM

InnoTech Exhibits/Networking Break

2:00 PM

**NOTE: 2pm sessions start at 2:10pm**

Keeping Data Away From Scary Places
Room: 204B
Speaker: Dominic Lucia

The Incredible Shrinking Datacenter
Room: 203A
Speaker: William J. Turner, Ph.D., CISSP

Cultural Demands and the Future of Work - Harnessing Technology and Engaging Employees for Success
Room: 201
Speakers: Kenneth Pierce , Kevin Martin , Lieutenant Colonel Kevin P. Seeley , Vickie Strong

Emerging Technologies - Preparing for the Platforms of the Future
Room: 204A
Speaker: Steve Watt

Case Study: Making use of satellite data and big-data analytics
Room: Microsoft Theater - Exhibit Hall
Speaker: Brian Waechter

Agile: Developing Software at the Pace of Information
Room: 203B
Speaker: Steve Nunziata

Women in Tech Roundtable
Room: 202A
Speakers: Elaine Hicks , Sherri Hanson , Cynthia Combs , JoAnn Browning, Ph.D.,P.E., , Didi Bethurum

3:00 PM

**NOTE: 3pm sessions start at 3:10pm**

Grow Up Start Up: Journey Inside a Maturing IT Organization
Room: 204A
Speaker: Lou Senko

How Much Risk Does a CISO Manage?
Room: 204B
Speakers: Joe Oranday , Elliott Franklin , Russell Lane, CISSP , Joe Filer

Docker Enables DevOps
Room: 203B
Speaker: Boyd E Hemphill

The Future Expansion of Opportunity in I.T. Careers
Room: Microsoft Theater - Exhibit Hall
Speaker: Gary T. Britton

The Future of the San Antonio Tech Sector
Room: 201
Speaker: Shaun Williams

3:45 PM

InnoTech Happy 45-Minute Reception

Movie Screening: "Girl Rising"
Room: 202A