InnoTech San Antonio
April 11-12, 2018
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CyberDEF Dojo Day – April 12, 2018

 2017 Information is below. Please check back for 2018 details, coming soon.


Join us for a full-day IT Security workshop: CyberDEF Dojo Day.  No separate registration required.

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Threat Hunting: Because We All Get Hacked
If an attacker had a foothold in your network today, would you know it? Whether they evaded your defenses or a security analyst misinterpreted a critical alert, chances are an attacker has entrenched themselves for the long haul: collecting information, credit cards, email, or intellectual property without tripping alarms. The act of actively and purposefully searching for these persistent threats is called “Threat Hunting”.

Chris Gerritz


Security Engagement Series: Advanced Persistent Threat
Rob Dodson moderates this panel of experts that provide different points of view on what Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are, how they are affecting your organization and what steps they have taken to better prevent, detect and respond to these threats.

Rob Dodson
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Remediation Lead in the Security Strategy and Risk Management Practice

Joel Scambray
Technical Director, NCC Group

Mike Cotton
Vice President of Research & Development, Digital Defense Inc

Chip Meadows
Office of Information Security,Senior Security Analyst, the University of Texas – San Antonio

Matt Snider
Manager of Information Security, Denim Group


Jobs, Jobs Everywhere And Not A Job For Me
Why can’t I get into this career? There are so many jobs available! Millions! You see so many articles and comments about the millions of cybersecurity jobs that are unfilled. It seems that you might be looking in the wrong place or those jobs are not where you are. What are the answers? Find out why you may not be seeing the jobs that are out there and how you can get into them.
Gerry Diaz
Founder,Tech Talent Tuesday

Rob Dodson
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Remediation Lead in the Security Strategy and Risk Management Practice


You Have The Job! Now To Build Your Career: What is Your Realm?
You have that job in security now or maybe you are still working on it. Learn from the Pros how to make the job your own and lead building your career. No one will hand you your career so find what works for you and make it! Each of the panel members has either done that or helped facilitate that.

Jeff Reich
ISSA Hall of Fame inductee, ISSA Distinguished Fellow

Scott Parker
Information Systems Security Association Distinguished Fellow

William Tompkins
Retired, ISSA Distinguished Fellow, ISSA Hall of Fame, Past President, International Board of Directors, ISSA

Howard Gordon
Information Security Officer, Farm Bureau Bank

Debra Innocenti-Placette
Partner, Innocenti Jones PLLC