InnoTech San Antonio
April 11-12, 2018
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2017 Conference Sessions

Session Key:
Blue sessions occur on April 12th
Green sessions occur on April 13th. The CyberDEF Dojo Day sessions can be found here. The Emerging Medical Technology Symposium sessions can be found here.

NOTE: General InnoTech admission includes access to all sessions except the N. San Antonio Chamber CIO Luncheon and Emerging Medical Technology Symposium. Separate registration is required to attend. See below for list of currently confirmed sessions.

8:00 AM

Taming the Technology of Digital Transformation
Room: Pecan
Speaker: Andi Mann

9:00 AM

Office 365: Latest Features and How to Use Them

Office 365: Latest Features and How to Use Them

9:30 AM

IoT Devices and Data: Protecting Information in a Hyper-Connected World
Room: Cypress
Speaker: Greg Hoffer

Enterprise DevOps: It Takes a Village
Room: Elm
Speakers: Jayashree Iyengar , Jeff Nessen , Andi Mann

Millennials and Technology
Room: Live Oak
Speakers: Madelyn Olsen , Melissa Espinoza , Bryce Boesen , Ryder Vidaurri , Clint Campbell

Moving sucks.
Room: Pecan
Speaker: Dan Mannion

Using Business Intelligence to Bring Your Data to Life
Room: Magnolia
Speaker: Bryan Guinn

Augmented and virtual reality — becoming a reality?
Room: Cypress
Speaker: Andrew Trickett

Threat Hunting: Because We All Get Hacked
Room: Live Oak
Speaker: Chris Gerritz

9:45 AM

Microsoft Skype for Business

Business Intelligence: Live dashboards, visualizations and KPIs

10:30 AM

Office 365 tips and tricks for the modern team

Office 365 tips and tricks for the modern team

IT Leadership: The Competitive Landscape for Agile and Business Transformation
Room: Magnolia
Speaker: Jovi Brown

Harnessing the Cloud – Disaster Recovery in the Age of Cloud Computing
Room: Live Oak
Speaker: Fred Piquette

Information Security Emerging Trends & Threats
Room: Pecan
Speaker: Tim Nicolaou

The New Convergence of Data; the Next Strategic Business Advantage
Room: Cypress
Speaker: David Smith

Modernizing Infrastructure and Applications to achieve better business
Room: Elm
Speaker: Jeff Nessen

Digital Disruption and the 4th Industrial Revolution
Room: Cypress
Speaker: Shaun Williams

Security Engagement Series: Advanced Persistent Threat
Room: Live Oak
Speakers: Matt Snider , Chip Meadows , Mike Cotton , Joel Scambray , Rob Dodson

11:15 AM

Maximize opportunities to win and keep customers

1:00 PM

Bridges, Not Walls: Security and the Customer Experience
Room: Pecan
Speaker: Katie Kelly

The Future of Cloud Programming is Serverless and Concurrent
Room: Live Oak
Speaker: Jason Straughan

Architecting Your Network and User Experience:QoS, IoT, and Security
Room: Elm
Speaker: Dale Oldenkamp

Customer Centric Innovation in a World of Shiny Objects
Room: Cypress
Speaker: Doug Reeder

**NEW SESSION TIME**The Coming Age of Quantum Computing
Room: Magnolia
Speaker: William Hurley (Whurley)

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere And Not A Job For Me
Room: Live Oak
Speakers: Rob Dodson , Gerry Diaz

1:15 PM

Office 365 tips and tricks for the modern team

2:00 PM

Go mobile. Stay in control.

2:10 PM

Cognitive Computing in Security with AI
Room: Pecan
Speaker: Bob Kalka

Thriving in the Digital World: How to leverage Office 365 to transform your organization
Room: Magnolia
Speaker: David Broussard

Intelligent Buildings and the Future Workforce
Room: Cypress
Speaker: Jeremy Stubbs

Web and Email: Malware’s Evil Twins
Room: Elm
Speakers: Shawn Main , Greg Maudsley

Blockchain Transformation, Moving Beyond Bitcoin
Room: Live Oak
Speaker: Jeremy Drzal

You Have The Job! Now To Build Your Career: What is Your Realm?
Room: Live Oak
Speakers: Debra Innocenti-Placette , Howard Gordon , William Tompkins , Scott Parker , Jeff Reich

2:45 PM

Business Intelligence: Live dashboards, visualizations and KPIs

3:10 PM

When Disaster Strikes: Business survivability in a world of advanced threats
Room: Pecan
Speaker: Charles “Chuck” Weissenborn

Four Big Questions to Conquer as a Woman in Tech
Room: Live Oak
Speakers: Kay Jones , Pypper Namikas , Jo Ana Alvarado , Allison Levine

**NEW SESSION TIME**Machine Learning and AI for Mere Mortals
Room: Elm
Speaker: Naomi Moneypenny

Your PMO - A Go or a No-Go? It is all in your PMO Business Plan!
Room: Cypress
Speaker: Darrel Raynor

Living in the Cloud- are we in Heaven or Hell?
Room: Magnolia
Speaker: Robert Cathlina

4:45 PM

InnoTech After Party