InnoTech San Antonio
April 11-12, 2018
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Ahsan Choudary

Research Associate, Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Ahsan Choudary is a trainee in the Joint Program in Translational Science at UT Health San Antonio. He is a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award TL1 Scholar through the National Institutes of Health, Presidential Ambassador at UT Health San Antonio, and an inaugural trainee in the institution’s Interprofessional Leadership Scholar’s Program. He researches cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome at Texas Biomedical Research Institute in Dr. Laura Cox’s lab where he is currently working on the use of breath to predict heart disease. He is co-founder of ComCats, a bioscience consulting group at UT Health’s Office of Technology Commercialization. His interests include science communication, policy development, and bioscience commercialization. His passion for the latter drives him to help build the biotech industry in San Antonio.

Native of: Houston (born) and San Antonio (grew up)
Favorite technology: LinkedIn
Favorite hobby: Mountaineering
Little known fact: Can name all 50 states in alphabetical order
One word self-description: Driven