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Lynda Chin, MD

Associate Vice Chancellor for Healthcare Transformation Chief Innovation Officer for Health Affairs Director, Institute for Health Transformation The University of Texas System

Lynda Chin, M.D. is currently the Chief Innovation Officer and associate vice chancellor for health affairs, director of the Institute for Health Transformation at the University of Texas System, focusing on addressing the rising chronic disease burden that is threatening the health and productivity of Americans and the solvency of its healthcare system through innovative technology and business solutions and cross-enterprise collaborations. Dr. Chin is a member of the National Academy of Medicine as well as a member of The Association of American Physicians.

Dr. Chin graduated with a M.D. degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is a board-certified dermatologist. She conducted her clinical and scientific training at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where she completed in parallel her residency training in the hospital and postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory.  In addition to opening the first Chinese-speaking dermatology specialty practice in NY Chinatown, Dr. Chin conducted her academic research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where she was a professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School and a senior associate member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Her research program spans the fields of transcription, telomere biology, cancer genomics, and personalized cancer medicine. Dr. Chin held multiple leadership roles in The Cancer Genome Atlas. She is a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the International Cancer Genome Consortium.  Dr. Chin joined MD Anderson Cancer Center from 2011-2015 as the founding chair for the Department of Genomic Medicine, with a mission to bring to bear on cancer not only the transformative potential of genomics, but also of data, technologies and innovative strategies. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Chin has championed a model of integration, collaboration and cooperation between the research and clinical care enterprises, as well as between public and private sectors. She was the Scientific Director of the Belfer Institute for Applied Cancer Science at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and subsequently the Institute for Applied Cancer Science at MD Anderson, an organization designed to bring together the best attributes of academia and industry in a new organizational construct to rapidly translate cancer genomics knowledge into effective therapeutic endpoints.  At MD Anderson, she conceptualized and led the development of MD Anderson Oncology Expert Advisor© in partnership with IBM Watson, an example of a cognitive expert system for democratization of clinical expertise for evidence-based care. Together with her colleague Dr. Andrew Futreal, she launched the effort to integrate the research and clinical care enterprises at MD Anderson by establishing the Translational Research Accelerator, a big data platform linking longitudinally research and clinical data on patients.

In her current endeavor, Dr. Chin has architected a digital health platform built collaboratively with AT&T, IBM and PwC to enable secure and compliant sharing and uses of contextualized patient health profiles synthesized from not only EHR data, but also real-world clinical data, patient-generated health data and other data sources. With such data connectivity, she has convened an ecosystem of technology, service, retail and healthcare stakeholders in both public and private sectors to collaborate in tackling the challenges of diabetes and chronic disease in an underserved community in South Texas.