InnoTech San Antonio
April 11-12, 2018
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9:30 AM - 10:20 AM

IoT Devices and Data: Protecting Information in a Hyper-Connected World

Room: Cypress
Speaker: Greg Hoffer

Any time an organization considers the use of new technology, data security must be a consideration. Safeguarding sensitive information associated with the organization and its customers, partners, employees and others whose data has been entrusted to the organization is vital—and the law. This is especially true today with the adoption of internet-connected devices—the so-called “internet of things” or IoT. In a hyper-connected world, sensors linked to the internet provide numerous benefits as the data they transmit for analysis influence decisions at both the human and machine level. But those devices, numerous and powerful, can imperil the data they connect, the networks that connect and process the data, and the people and organizations associated with that data.


Without proper planning and a thorough understanding of an IoT deployment and data associations, the dangers to security can be multiplied and magnified. Greg Hoffer, chief product engineer with San Antonio-based Globalscape, will help attendees understand the different devices and sensors that make up the industrial IoT and then follow the data on its perilous journey in our hyper-connected world. In addition to IoT, Greg will touch on associated data lifecycle topics like cloud computing, big data, governance and compliance.


He will identify the various risks involved during each stage and also the ways in which organizations can better safeguard this data. The proposed session will follow, in illustrated fashion, data in such a way that IT managers can take the information gained from the presentation back to a non-technical executive and help them to advocate for a more secure implementation of a global network of industrial sensors, wearable devices, building controls or other connected appliances.